The AMA has partnered with the BCFT RC Club to teach new Pilots entering Remote Control Flying

Learn to fly RC Aircraft using 2 radios for a fantastic "in control" experience 

Try this program to see if RC flying is really for you without the up front dues and insurance expense

2 months Club Dues   *Free*

2 months AMA Insurance  *Free*

Private Instruction with an experienced RC Instructor "unlimited" during and after training

Call one of the Club Intro Pilots today to begin the Intro Pilot Program.

Vistor Trainging Experience 1

 Intro Pilot Contacts:

David Van de Byle -  479-876-9802

Ron Coursey         -  479-644-0506

Op Perez               -  479-685-3580

Jon Capps

Jason Reddish       -  479-466-3458

Bill Thompson       -  479-366-7610            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.