Our next meeting will be at the field June 6th, 2017 @ 7pm

Visitors: None Total Members: 35
New Members: Rick Hall Members Present: 12
New wings: None    
Pilot Award Received: None    

Secretarys Report: Read and passed
Treasurers Report:Read and passed

Old Business:

  1. Talked about purchasing cable for the safety line for the field.
  2. Lease checked cleared.
  3. New address for communication with Whitaker Properties was sent to Mark.
  4. Talked about getting some dirt from the church for $5 per yard. Bill Thompson told Mark to let him know when and he would bring his tractor to help with the loading of the dirt.
  5. Renewals through Paypal has been a big success. Much higher rate of renewals earlier in the year than we have had in the past.

New Business:

  1. Went over the Fun Fly details including food and other supplies.

Upcoming Dates:

  1. May 20th - Spring Fun Fly
  2. Rain date - June 3rd

May Birthdays: Bill Parker, Lucy Thurman, John Capp

From the Prez:

Wow how time flies! We are already into May, which means, Fun Fly! Our date for the Fun Fly is May 20th, with a rain date of June 3rd. Lucy is going to get people signed up to bring a dish of some sort so we can keep the club coffers from getting hit to badly. Would love to see a big turnout of club members for the event.

The field is starting to fill in nicely now that we have some warmer weather and the grass can grow. If you are at the field and see mole runs, take a minute and pack them down please. It helps out when mowing so the field doesn't get tore up due to the mower cutting the top off the run.

See you at the field!


Pilots - Please Note:

  1. When flying at our field - It has been decided that if you are on any frequency other than 2.4 Ghz, YOU are responsible for making sure your frequency is not being used BEFORE turning on your radio or flying. If you are using 72 Mhz, utilizing the frequency board is REQUIRED.
  2. Your Insurance Coverage: The Benton County Flying Tigers, Inc. STRONGLY recommends to ALL members, old and new, that they have HOMEOWNERS or RENTERS INSURANCE to cover any unforeseen accidents that might occur while they are flying their Model Airplanes, Sailplanes or Helicopters at the Club's field.
  3. No member will fly while the field is being mowed.
  4. ABSOLUTELY no alcohol permitted at the field.

Cell Phones - There are no cell phones to be in the pilot box and it is requested that cell phones in the pits are put on vibrate to avoid any distractions to pilots that are flying.

You can print the monthly newsletter by clicking on the printer icon in the upper corner of the news letter.

Directions to our field - Our field consists of 25 acres. Bill Head figured that to be 1,760,000 square feet.

Our North boundary is Southgate Road, East is Champions Blvd, South is South Champions Drive/Wallis Road, West is Moser property. Our entrance, with our BCFT sign, is on South Champions Drive/Wallis Road directly accross from South Mt. Hebren Road.

WARNING! Adhere to all SPEED LIMITS. The police are very serious about stopping speeders. They shoot RADAR regularly in the area.

Using 49 - get off at EXIT 81 - Pleasant Grove Road - from the South, turn LEFT. From the North, turn RIGHT onto PLEASANT GROVE ROAD. Our field is 2.3 miles from there.

Continue West on PLEASANT GROVE ROAD to the stop light at the big church on the right. Turn LEFT and follow it around the sharp right turn onto SOUTH CHAMPIONS DRIVE/WALLIS ROAD. Continue going West to the BCFT entrance on the right. The entrance is directly across from the Pinnacle Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

2017 Cub Officers2017 flight Instructors
President: Mark Thurman 479-721-9775 Olegario Perez (OP) 479-685-3850
Vice-President: Ron Coursey 479-644-0506 Bill Thompson 417-226-4554
Treasurer: Olegario Perez (OP) 479-685-3850    
Secretary: Lucy Thurman 479-685-9656    
Safety Coordinator: Jason Reddish 479-466-3458    
Newsletter Editor: Lucy Thurman 479-685-9656    

NOTICE: If any of your membership information changes such as address, phone number, e-mail, etc., please contact Lucy Thurman at 479-685-9656 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your new information. This will allow us to make sure the membership list is up to date in case we need to contact any member.